Areas of Specialization

Market Research: market research questionnaires, surveys, studies, screeners, discussion guides, marketing concept, brand concept, research presentations, interviews,  sales scripts, customer service scripts, telemarketing scripts, etc.

Corporate Communications: consumer market research questionnaires, business documents, correspondences, forms, invoices, statements, purchase orders, inventory lists, instructions, articles, procedures, plans, proposals, executive summaries, reports, newsletters, conference materials, PowerPoint presentations, press releases, memorandums, etc. 

Legal: terms and conditions, contracts, agreements, policies, notices, warranties, rules, etc. 

Human Resourcesapplications, training material, tests and assessment materials, psychometric testing, appraisal forms, review forms, occupational safety, memos, employee manuals, standard operating procedures, leaflets, brochures, company-wide announcements, pamphlets, professional recruitment processes, administrative screenings, interview questions, employee information, personnel forms, resignation letters, employee grievance forms, business event logs, expense reports, expense reimbursement forms, employee confidentiality agreements, employee handbooks, job descriptions, travel expense reports, work safety checklists, etc. 

Healthcare: healthcare market research questionnaires, healthcare studies, pharmacovigilance, drug safety, pharmaceutical documents, labelling, product characteristics, patient information leaflets, patient reported outcomes, informed consent forms, registration dossiers, marketing material, training courses, medical devices, operation and maintenance manuals, regulatory compliance, packaging inserts / labels, manufacturing process descriptions, catalogues, contracts, clinical trials, patient questionnaires and diaries, ethics correspondence, study protocols, adverse events, case report forms, patient information, clinical protocols, patient recruitment materials, questionnaires, surveys, health care professionals / sales representative documents, quality of life measures, instructions for use, toxicology reports, meal plans, etc.

Information Technology: telecommunications contracts, privacy statements, cybersecurity, agreements, product manuals, user interfaces, catalogues, user manuals, user guides, equipment specifications, interactive applications, interactive sites, web portals, booking websites and software, product information sheets, mobile software, smartphone applications, smart TVs, smart speakers, virtual assistants, smart homes, streaming devices and services, system requirements, training material, customer service correspondences, installation manuals, service manuals, support information documents, troubleshooting guides, phone manuals, interface documentation, product descriptions, service descriptions, advertising, service bills, emails, letters, databases, reports, frequently asked questions, e-commerce, e-learning, blogs, forums, corporate websites, etc.